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'Festive bells', Burnley campus, Photograph Francesco Vicenzi, Casamento Photography. ©The University of Melbourne 2019
December has been another busy month as we wrap up the year in tax for Melbourne Law School. In 2019, we delivered 23 Master Tax subjects, reflecting nearly 500 subject enrolments and more than 150 individual students. We welcomed 30 international tax students and hosted 32 visiting teachers and researchers. We held 5 major events, including the Annual Tax Lecture, delivered by Justice Jennifer Davies, launched the Tax Clinic in August and our engagement in the International Fiscal Association (IFA) Asia Pacific Conference in June 2019. We congratulate our colleague Sunita Jogarajan on her promotion to Professor effective 2020. And we would like to express our warmest wishes and gratitude to all of our students, Australian and international lecturers, Advisory Board, visitors and supporters for the year.

For those of you already planning ahead, our Tax subjects for 2020 are now available to view, including our core international and advanced subjects. Happy holidays, stay safe, enjoy a rest and we look forward to seeing you in 2020!

Professor Miranda Stewart
Director, Tax Studies and the Tax Group
The Annual Tax Lecture 2019
Prof. Miranda Stewart, The Hon, Justice Davies, Mr Frank O'Loughlin
The 14th Annual Tax lecture at the Woodward Conference Centre on Tuesday 29 October, was delivered by The Hon. Justice Jennifer Davies of the Federal Court of Australia. The Lecture was well attended, with over 100 guests came to the evening. In her lecture, on the topic of Tax Stability, Justice Davies touched on the challenge for judicial determination and tax practice, as we shift from the tax consequences of purely domestic transactions to cross-border transactions or involving international tax measures. 
Prof. Miranda Stewart, The Hon. Justice Davies and Mr Frank O'Loughlin QC.
The vote of thanks was presented by Senior Fellow and Advisory Board member, Mr Frank O'Loughlin QC. Justice Davies' speech will be published in the next issue of the Melbourne University Law Review, one of Australia's leading generalist law journals. For past and current issues, please visit their website. The presentation slides and audio recording can be accessed here